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Diabetes Care, Education & Resources at Ed Snell’s Pharmacy Shop

Diabetes refers to a group of diseases that causes your blood sugar (blood glucose) levels to be too high. Some key definitions to be aware of with diabetes include:


Blood Glucose – Glucose is the form of sugar that our bodies make from our food. Blood glucose is used as fuel to give your body energy. When glucose levels are consistently too high in the body, this can lead to diabetes. 


Insulin – is the hormone used by our bodies to keep our blood glucose levels stable.

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What is Diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetes – is a disease where the body attacks its insulin-producing cells. As a result, insulin can’t be made, and a patient will have elevated blood glucose levels.


Type 2 Diabetes – is a disease in which the body can produce insulin. However, it’s either not enough, or the body does not respond well to the insulin produced.  This can also lead to elevated blood sugar levels.

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Our Diabetes Care Program

We know that managing diabetes can be a challenging task. Our Snell’s Pharmacy Shop Diabetes Care Program can help you understand and manage your diabetes with specialized monitoring, medications, and recommendations to help you independently maintain a healthy lifestyle with diabetes. Patients enrolled in our Diabetes Care Program will:


  • Gain a better understanding of their diabetes diagnosis

  • Learn how to monitor and track blood glucose readings

  • Be taught what to do in case of a dangerous drop or rise in blood sugar levels

  • Have a compassionate diabetes health advocate to lean on

  • Understand which medications they have been prescribed and what effect it has on blood sugar levels


In addition, patients looking to become more educated about diabetes will have access to a certified lifestyle coach who will help them learn how to:


  • Add physical activity to your routine

  • Manage stress

  • Stay motivated

  • Solve problems that can get in the way of achieving your goals

Diabetes Care Classes Coming Soon

Education for Current Diabetics

Snell’s Pharmacy offers this educational resource to our patients that have been diagnosed with diabetes. The goal is to help people live longer, healthier lives by preventing or delaying complications. Past DSMES participants have reported:


  • Improved hemoglobin A1c levels

  • Better blood pressure control

  • Improved cholesterol levels

  • Increased medication adherence and compliance rates

  • Enhanced Self-care

  • Decreased healthcare costs (fewer hospital admissions and readmissions)

  • Healthier lifestyle behaviors 


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and want to learn how to manage your health and wellness better, give your Snell’s Pharmacy Shop Diabetes educators a call today at 208.232.0049

Education for Pre-Diabetics With Our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

If you have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes but have been told by your doctor that you are pre-diabetic, our Snell’s Pharmacy Shop DPP can help you navigate a healthier version of yourself.  If you have any of these risk factors, you will want to enroll in Snell’s Pharmacy Shop’s Diabetes Prevention Program:

Signs You May Need Diabetes Education

  • Overweight

  • Aged 45 years and older

  • An immediate family member diagnosed with diabetes

  • Low physical activity (less than three days a week)

  • Given birth to a baby weighing over nine pounds

Benefits of Our Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Lose 5-7% of their body weight

  • Increase weekly exercise by 150 minutes

  • Reduce the risk of developing diabetes

Small strides in prevention can lead to great successes in wellness.  Call 208-232-0049 today to discuss joining our Snell’s Pharmacy Shop Diabetes Prevention Program!

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Diabetes Care Classes Coming Soon