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Multi-Dose Packaging

multi dose packaging

Take Advantage of Our Multi-Dose Packaging

When you have been prescribed several medications to take at various times of the day, it can be challenging to keep track. Snell’s Pharmacy Shop's multi-dose packaging helps keep you on schedule with what medication you need to take and when.

Multi-dose packaging is an easier and safer way to take your medications. You will wonder why you have never tried it before.


We offer multi-dose packaging that bundles your medications together by date and dose. For example, all your morning prescriptions will be packaged together in one pack. Say goodbye to pill boxes and all your pill bottles, and say hello to multi-dose packaging.

Benefits of Multi-Dose Packaging

  • A visual reminder of when you are due for your next dose

  • Quick visual aid in case you missed a dose

  • Convenient packaging for traveling

  • Peace of mind with a system that helps you keep track of all your doses


Call us today at 208-232-0049 to ask any of our staff about our pill-packaging service and how you can sign up.

Call Snell's Pharmacy Shop Today to Learn More About Multi-Dose Packaging
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